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Anti scratch

BF-0679PPMMA/ABS,anti scratch grade 2H,high flow
BF-0675PMMA/ABS,anti scratch level H
BF-0677FABS, anti scratch level H
BF-0677HFABS,anti scratch level H,high flowability
BF-0950PMMA/ABS,anti scratch level H
BF-0675EPMMA/ABS,anti scratchl evel H,translucent
BF-0930MMABS,anti scratch H grade,transparent
BF-0670PMMA/ABS,anti scratch level F,high impact
BF-0670FPMMA/ABS,anti scratch level F,translucent
BF-0670FSPMMA/ABS,anti scratch level F
BF-0670TPMMA/ABS,anti scratch level F,high flow,translucent
BF-0673PMMA/ABS,anti scratch level F
BF-0673TPPMMA/ABS,anti scratch level F,translucent
BF-0370ABS,anti scratch level HB
BF-0675PMMA/ABS,anti scratch level HB,high impact

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