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BASFElastollan®1100 Grades     1170(80/85/90/95/98)AGeneral grade,Shore A 70 (80/85/90/95/98)
1170(80/85)A WGeneral grade,Shore A 70 (80/85),contains plasticiser
1185A MShore A 85,matt surface
1154(60/64/74)DGeneral grade,Shore D 54 (60/64/74)
1200 Grades1298A UShore A 98,UV stabilized
1254(60/64/78)D UShore D 54 (60/64/78),UV stabilized
C GradesC78(80/85/88/90/95/ 98)AShore A 78 (80/85/88/90/95/98)
C59(60/64/74) DShore D 59 (60/64/74)
C60(65/70/75/85)A HPMShore D 60 (65/75/85),high performance material
754D HPMShore D 54,high performance material
B GradesB60 AWH TSGShore A 60,contains plasticiser,approved for drinking water applications
B60 A ESD MShore A 60,electronic sensitive devices,matt surface
B80(85/90/95/98) AShore A 80
B60(64) DShore D 60(64)
600 and 800 Grades670 AWHUShore A 70,contains plasticiser,UV stabilized
685(90/95)AShore A 85(90/95)
885(90) ANShore A 85(90),not stabilized
S GradesS60 APShore A 60,contains plasticiser
S70(80/85/90/96/98) AShore A 60(80/85/90/96/98)
S60(64) DShore A 60(64)
500 Grades560 AP TSGShore A 60,contains plasticiser,approved for drinking water applications
565 APShore A 66,contains plasticiser
585 AShore A 83
590 AShore A 94
560 DShore D 61
Aliphatic GradesAC 85AShore A 85
L 785AShore A 86
L 765DShore D 63
L 1160DShore D 56
Typreihe RR100110%GF reinforced,Shore D 50
R200020%GF reinforced,Shore D 67
R300020%GF reinforced,Shore D 73
R300115%GF reinforced,Shore D 75
R60006%GF reinforced,Shore D 50
Flame retardant grades1177(89/90/91)A FHFShore A 77(89/90/91),halogen free flame retardant
1147(54)D FHFShore D 48(58),halogen free flame retardant

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