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Products of the GOLFAT, listed by business sector and by company name.
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HA-1011Antistatic,suitable for LCD panel Tray
HI-1001BWeld,high flow,suitable for cellphones
HI-1001BNChemical resistance,high impact,suitable for mobile phone,wheel cap,cooker, iron, refrigerator, door handle, panel
HP-1000PHigh flow,suitable for mobile phone,wheel cap,cooker,iron,refrigerator,door handle,panel
HP-1000XAHigh impact,suitable for automotive IP core center fascia
HR-1008BHigh flow,suitable for mobile phone housing
HR-1034LGeneral purpose,suitable for in-line wheel
WP-1059Chemical resistance, impact resistant (low temp.),suitable for automotive,wheel cover
WP-1098Low gloss, heat stability, UV resistance,suitable for automotive interior(IP core)
HI-1001BGMetal plating,suitable for automotive wheel cap and air-conditioner panel
WP-1041GMetal plating,high flow,high adhesion,etching,suitable for automotive
GW-1013Environment-friendly,suitable for automotive device housing
GW-1041Environment-friendly,high impact,high PMC,suitable for moblie device housing


Flame Retarded

NE-1010Halogen free flame retardant,good appearance,suitable for TV cover
NE-1030Halogen free flame retardant,high flow,suitable for TV cover
NH-1000AHHalogen free flame retardant, high impact,suitable for printer part
NH-1001THalogen free flame retardant,suitable for CD ROM
NH-1015Halogen free flame retardant,suitable for laptop housing
NH-1015SHalogen free flame retardant, high impact,high flow,high weatherability,suitable for laptop,OA device housing
NH-1017DHalogen free flame retardant,high gloss,good appearance,suitable for TV front/back cover
NH-1019Halogen free flame retardant,easy releasing,suitable for game housing
NH-1021Halogen free flame retardant,suitable for loptop
NH-1027Halogen free flame retardant, high heat resistance,high impact,high low,suitable for loptop thin-walled housing
NH-1027HFHalogen free flame retardant,high flow,suitable for copy machine
NH-1029Halogen free flame retardant,high flow,suitable for TV front/back cover
NH-1037Halogen free flame retardant,high heat resistance,high impact,high low,suitable for Electric & Electronic parts housing
NH-1101Halogen free flame retardant,high flame retardant,suitable for loptop back cover
NH-1150HHalogen free flame retardant,high modulus,suitable for loptop thin wall housing
QP-1010Halogen free flame retardant, metal plating,suitable for LED TV stand
GC-1015Eco-friendly(PMC Base),suitable for desktop PC housing
GC-1050High modulus, suitable for laptop housing
NF-3017Scratch resistance,high impact,suitable for laptop B part



WP-112012% GF reinforced,high modulus, high flow,high impact,suitable for IP core, console box


GF-filled, Flame Retarded

HM-1051GFlame retardant,5% GF reinforced,suitable for DVD-ROM tray
HM-1100Flame retardant,10% GF reinforced,suitable for TV cover middle frame
LS-1150GFlame retardant, 15% GF reinforced,suitable for for LCD BLU


Non-Flame Retarded

C1200HFExcellent flow/impact/high heat resistance,low temperature ductility,for automotive appliance and electrical components
MC1300Automotive,excellent flow and impact performance,for plating applications
XCY620Heat Stabilized,impact modified,hydrolytically stabilized
XCY620SGood flow/impact/high heat resistance balance,good properties retention after hydrolytic and heat aging
Flame Retarded
CM6140Non-chlorinated & non-brominated flame retardant
CX2142MENon-chlorinated & non-brominated flame retardant,good flow,good impact,improved chemical resistance to generally used hospital
CX2244MEFor medical housings with improved chemical resistance to hospital cleaners
CX7211Non-chlorine and non-bromine flame retardant,good flow,impact and heat properties
CX7240Non-brominated and non-chlorinated flame retardant,excellent impact/flow balance for thin wall applications
CY5120Non-chlorinated and non-brominated flame retardant,balanced flow and impact for various applications
CY6025Non-brominated and non-chlorinated flame retardant,excellent flow and thin wall flame retardant with balanced properties
CY6310Flame retardant,impact Modified,mold Release,PTFE,opaque
C2950Non-chlorinated and non-brominated flame retardant,balanced flow and impact plus improved heat resistance
C6200Non-chlorinated,non-brominated flame retardant,balanced heat,flow and impact
C6600Non-brominated,non-chlorinated flame retardant,balanced flow,impact and hydrolytic stability for applications including business equipment,monitors,etc.

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