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Products of the GOLFAT, listed by business sector and by company name.
P20B0120% LGF reinforced
P30B0130% LGF reinforced
P30B0330% LGF reinforced,copolymar
P40B0140% LGF reinforced
P50B0150% LGF reinforced
P60B08-S60% LGF reinforced
RamOfinPPPPH346T420% Talc reinforced,UV stabilized
PPH301G630% GF reinforced,NSF,FDA certification
PPC312I840% GF&Minerals reinforced
PPCB001G630% GF reinforced,Impact modified
PPH308G840% GF reinforced,heat stabilized,UV stabilized
PPC50220% GF reinforced,super light

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