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Products of the GOLFAT, listed by business sector and by company name.
S2010PSU,medium viscosity,easy flow grade,used for standard injection molded parts
S3010PSU,standard injection grade,high toughness,good chemical resistance
S6010PSU,high viscosity grade,used for filter membrane
E1010Low volatile, injection grade polyformaldehyde of curing rapid acetal copolymer, contains release agent
E2010PESU,medium viscosity,easy flow grade,used for the standard injection molding parts,NSF certified
E2020 PPESU,powder grade,used in paints,cereal grain
E3010PESU,high viscosity,extrusion grade,high toughness,good chemical resistance
E6020PPESU,powder grade,used in filtration membrane,cereal grain
P3010PPSU,medium viscosity,used for injection molding and extrusion,excellent toughness and chemical resistance
S2010 G4(G6)PSU,20% (30%) GF reinforced,easily flow,high rigidity,high strength
E2010G4(G6)PESU,20% (30%) GF reinforced,easily flow,high rigidity,high strength
E2010 C6PESU,30% CF reinforced,high rigidity,high strength,high temperature resistance
KR4113PESU,30% carbon fiber,graphite,PTFE powder mixed filling materials.Significantly improve the friction performance,very small thermal expansion coefficient, keep good dimensional stability in hot oil

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