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2020-01-07 GOLFAT Plastics Team Building

Jan 13, 2020

Life is not just about living in front of you, but also about poetry and distance. Work is not limited to the two Frontlines of the company's home. Of course, there was also a Team Building that can Just go. I'll bring the wine. Do you have a story?

TOGETHER 2020 - To thanks for everyone’s hard work in 2019, build a sense of belonging at work, improve collaboration and strengthen team cohesion, GOLFFAT Plastics held corporate team building activities in Lijiang city on January 7th 2020.

The warm sun in the winter in Lashihai. All gathered under the warm sun early. The first massage exercise, plum blossom blooming, washing dance ice breaking games, followed by balloon war, hand and foot and team activities, each activity is a wonderful match of wisdom and passion! In fact, under the group building, which looks sunny and calm on the surface, there is a contest of perseverance, brain power and physical strength.

With the cheers and laughs of all , the winter fun group building activity in 2020 officially kicked off ~ let's go to find the wonderful moment in the activity!

Competition arrangement!!!

We are all the best!

 Youth is fearless to pursue dreams and raise prestige

Balloon fights

Hands and feet activity, endless joy

The first team building activities in 2020 came to an end here.

We treat each coworker like family at work. Let’s keep moving and make new heights at work.

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