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2020-01-04 Discover Lijiang--Company trip

Jan 13, 2020


Colorful Yunnan

 As we all know, Yunnan has a pleasant climate and beautiful scenery, just like a fairyland on earth. In order to build an extraordinary team culture and spirit, GOLFAT Plastics organized a 5-day beautiful trip to Lijiang, Yunnan on January 4th 2020. 


It took 2 hours to arrive at Sanyi airport in Lijiang. Under the guidance of local guide alixiang, we took a luxury bus to the ancient Yinmo inn. Walking on the bluestone board of Lijiang ancient city, I fell in love with this ancient city when I first came here!

In the morning,the sun slowly opened the curtains of clouds. The first beautiful scenery is the snow mountain group located in Lijiang. Naughty little snowflakes fall down like dancing.

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain (Yulong Mountain), consists of 13 peaks, with the highest altitude of 5596 meters. The snow-covered and fog-enlaced mountain resembles a jade dragon lying in the clouds, hence the name.

Reluctantly, we left and went to Blue Moon Valley and White Water River (Baishui River) at the feet of Jade Dragon Snow mountain.

The best scenery is always on the way

In the magnificent Tiger Leaping Gorge in winter, you can feel the magic of nature. The beauty of the original ecology can shake my soul more than the famous mountains and rivers. Gusts of wind passed, as if the tiger had just jumped over, and left the majestic roar at the bottom of the stream.


After the Hutiao gorge, we continue to the ancient town of Shuhe, the world cultural heritage site, and start the pace of buying and buying.

Lijiang's eternal love:

      With the theme of Lijiang's national regional culture, it shows Lijiang's Millennium culture and historical customs. The scenic area mainly includes Tea Horse Street, natuohai, snow mountain beach, ethnic village, eternal feeling square, large indoor science and technology amusement complex and other theme areas.

Efficient work, happy journey

Reluctant to say goodbye

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