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2018-12-19 Meeting with BASF regarding Elastollan® TPU and Ultramid® PPA

Dec 21, 2018

Michael Sun, Senior Manager, Technical Development and Kevin Lin, Sales Representative of Southeast China from BASF (China) Co., Ltd., visit Golfat Plastics to present training with regard to BASF's Elastollan® thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and Ultramid® high temperature resistant nylon (PPA).


Michael introduces that Elastogran, BASF Group's wholly-owned subsidiary, is one of the world's largest TPU producers and has more than 30 years of experience in polyurethane production. 

Michael then detailed the advantages and target markets of Elastollan® series from the concepts, features, application, processing methods, and other aspects.


At the end of the meeting, Michael introduced with sample products the characteristics, advantages and market applications of BASF's Ultramid® high temperature resistant nylon (PPA).


(For more information about BASF TPU and PPA please follow our subsequent releases)

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